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Choosing Perfect Window Treatments

When redecorating a room, most of the thought goes into carpeting, wall coverings, and

woman standing at window looking at blinds - window treatments

furniture, but often window treatments aren’t given much thought. Window treatments should be given the same amount of weight as any other decorating decision because they can make or break the entire decorating scheme.

When faced with the many options available for windows, such as drapes, panels, or blinds, not to mention and untold number of fabrics, patterns, etc. making a choice may seem a bit intimidating. It doesn’t have to be however, there are a few guidelines that can help ensure that you choose the perfect window treatments to top off your new decor.

Consider the purpose of the room

There is a common misconception that window treatments should be matching throughout the house; disregard that completely. Because different rooms are used for different purposes, each should have its own style of window dressing. A family room, for example, is generally where people will be watching television so draperies that deaden outside noise are often a good choice. For bedrooms, often a blind or shade to keep out light and offer some privacy is in order, but they can be topped with an aesthetically pleasing sheer or panel to soften the look.

What is the window’s main purpose?

If it truly has no purpose other than to let in light, your choices for window coverings are almost endless, but if it is accessed frequently to let in a breeze or for its wonderful view, you will need to choose more carefully. Roller shades or blinds are a good bet for a window that has to be functional as well as pretty. They can also be topped with a sheer panel or simply a valance to add some color.

Is privacy an issue?

For bedrooms, bathrooms, or any room that can easily be seen into by a close neighbor, privacy should play an important role in your choice of window treatments. There are many stylish blinds that are every bit as pleasing to the eye as curtains and will allow you your privacy. Blinds are often a good choice for large windows as well because they can be opened to allow light in or closed for privacy or to insulate against heat or cold.

Consider your curtains as a frame for the perfect picture

Window dressings are the icing on the cake. Choose shades and patterns that will accent your newly decorated room and show it to its best advantage. Choosing a pattern that complements your walls and upholstery will bring out the best of everything in the room.

There is certainly more to choosing window coverings than what is mentioned here, but these guidelines can help you get started. Many people (myself included) like to change the curtains with the season. For summertime, a light, breezy sheer makes everything seem cheerful while heavier drapes or curtains in the winter will keep things feeling warm and welcoming. As with any decorating, window dressings are limited only by your own specific tastes and your imagination.