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Air Conditioning and Politics

There were a number of articles published in a journal not too long ago that reported some fascinating findings. These articles were about the fact that people’s belief can influence how they feel the cold.

Some researchers questioned a large group of people about their perception on climate change, political views and beliefs. It resulted in some amazing results. People with left-leaning beliefs thought that the weather was hotter than what it was, while people with right-leaning beliefs thought the opposite.

This also was reflected in the means of cooling their bodies. Political views also influenced whether people thought air conditioning was or was not beneficial for them.

People with views to the left thought the use of air conditioning was beneficial and that it prevents exposure to certain pollutants from outdoors. They also feel that air conditioning helps them be healthier. People holding views to the right thought air conditioning is okay for occasional use, but also felt that fresh air was important, as much as possible. The line of employment people are involved in will also influence how they feel about using air conditioning. There are people, who feel air conditioning is not conducive to ideal healthy. There has long been the perception of air being recirculated a cause for illness to happen, and this has been proven to a certain extent.

Many experts have debated the issue of whether it is healthier to recirculate air or to breathe in fresh air for many years. The truth is that both are fine depending on the environment in which you live and your particular circumstances.

The truth is to neither the right nor left, as most truths are. Air conditioning in some cases protects people’s health. In offices, it can be a means for preventing pollutants to circulate and cause various respiratory issues or other illnesses. Many offices are in the city and it seems that people are healthier, who use air conditioning under these circumstances. They are breathing in recirculated air that has fewer pollutants in it than the outside air, which makes it healthier. This fact lessens the amount of respiratory issues suffered and keeps the pollution out of the office, when the open windows would just let the pollution in.

This post was contributed by Conditioned Air Solutions of Madison Alabama.

Buying an Air Conditioning System

The selection and installation of an air conditioner is a major project for both businesses and homes. It is important to replace your failing unit before it breaks down completely if possible. On the other hand, it also makes economic sense to obtain the greatest possible use from your old air conditioning unit. According to Conditioned Air Solutions in Huntsville AL, additional factors to consider in your purchase decision include the type, efficiency and functionality of your new unit, the square footage needing to be cooled, and your choice of installer.


Efficient air conditioners are more expensive.

  • Compare the initial cost of a new unit against its operational cost.
  • Central units for residential use are typically rated with the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating system. This rating allows you to make an effective comparison of the operating costs of different units.


AC Units normally come as: portable units, central air units and room units. A portable air conditioner is easily moved from room to room; they are a cost-effective method of cooling a single room. Central cooling units cool your whole home and cost less to operate than multiple room or portable units. A central air conditioner also makes less noise since the indoor unit is typically installed in the attic, away from the living areas.


If an air conditioner is too small, it may not provide adequate cooling even if it runs continually. An air conditioner that is too large may cost more to operate because it is frequently turning on and off. Large air conditioners that cycle on and off frequently may also have difficulty with removing excess moisture from the air.


All air conditioners can perform the basic function of cooling air, but many units can perform other tasks. Many modern air conditioners have a dehumidifier that reduces the moisture in the air as it passes through the unit. Some air conditioners also have an electronic air filter that removes particles from the air, which can be helpful if you have allergies.


The installation of a central unit generally requires a professional contractor who is licensed to perform this task. It is important to select an installer who specializes in your particular type of installation. Businesses should especially careful to hire installers with experience in commercial air conditioners, as these units are much larger than residential units.