A Short Guide to Carpet

carpeted room with red couch

If you’re in the market to purchase carpet for your home or business, you will find you have many choices. Which carpet should you choose? Below is a brief explanation of the choices in flooring.

Carpet comes in many different types. Aside from the fact that carpet comes in set sizes or “room sized” rugs, carpet tiles, and carpet sized to fit the room exactly. When carpet rolls become low, the store may sell remnants. These remnants may be large enough to fill a room wall to wall. Remnants can also be bound on the edge and converted to a small rug.

The types of carpeting are: Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Hotel and Motel, Public Spaces, Indoor / Outdoor or Grass, Berber, Church Sanctuary, Builders, Glow in the Dark, Woven Wilton, Spike Proof, Man Cave, and Boat. Carpet supplies include padding, carpet tape, carpet tacks. These are all in place to work with the carpet and to help keep the carpet in place.