A Case for Carpet Tile

With so much to choose from in carpet tiles, there’s absolutely no reason that you can’t redo your entire home’s carpeting using tiles and have it look exactly as you’ve always wanted. In fact, they’re becoming increasingly commonly used by interior designers for exactly this reason.

Why use carpet tiles

Best Carpet Value gave us some great reasons to use carpet tile.

Conventional wall to wall carpeting can get rather expensive, especially if you’d like to have more than one room done. However, carpet tiles are a good fit for virtually any budget: they’re often as little as a fourth of the price of standard carpeting. Carpet tiles allow you to beautify your home at a low cost without looking cheap.

Essentially, you can carpet your entire home for the cost of having wall to wall carpet put in just one or two rooms – it’s just one more reason that you’ll find more and more homeowners reading carpet tile reviews to learn more about this affordable, flexible and attractive flooring option.

One thing you’ll read about a lot in carpet tile reviews is that these are remarkably durable compared to traditional carpeting. They’re built to stand up to a lot of wear and tear – and if there’s a stain, you can simply replace the area at a very low cost rather than replacing the carpeting in the entire room.

Flooring is an important decision. Before you make your choice, it’s a good idea to read some customer reviews of carpet tiles on the websites of manufacturers and retailers to find out what other people think as well as learning more about what kind of options are out there for your home.