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Air Conditioning and Politics

There were a number of articles published in a journal not too long ago that reported some fascinating findings. These articles were about the fact that people’s belief can influence how they feel the cold.

Some researchers questioned a large group of people about their perception on climate change, political views and beliefs. It resulted in some amazing results. People with left-leaning beliefs thought that the weather was hotter than what it was, while people with right-leaning beliefs thought the opposite.

This also was reflected in the means of cooling their bodies. Political views also influenced whether people thought air conditioning was or was not beneficial for them.

People with views to the left thought the use of air conditioning was beneficial and that it prevents exposure to certain pollutants from outdoors. They also feel that air conditioning helps them be healthier. People holding views to the right thought air conditioning is okay for occasional use, but also felt that fresh air was important, as much as possible. The line of employment people are involved in will also influence how they feel about using air conditioning. There are people, who feel air conditioning is not conducive to ideal healthy. There has long been the perception of air being recirculated a cause for illness to happen, and this has been proven to a certain extent.

Many experts have debated the issue of whether it is healthier to recirculate air or to breathe in fresh air for many years. The truth is that both are fine depending on the environment in which you live and your particular circumstances.

The truth is to neither the right nor left, as most truths are. Air conditioning in some cases protects people’s health. In offices, it can be a means for preventing pollutants to circulate and cause various respiratory issues or other illnesses. Many offices are in the city and it seems that people are healthier, who use air conditioning under these circumstances. They are breathing in recirculated air that has fewer pollutants in it than the outside air, which makes it healthier. This fact lessens the amount of respiratory issues suffered and keeps the pollution out of the office, when the open windows would just let the pollution in.

This post was contributed by Conditioned Air Solutions of Madison Alabama.

The Installation is Just as Important as the Carpet

Putting in new carpet is a good way to make your home more beautiful. Create an interior design that has your personal style. Contemporary carpet choices are very strong, affordable, easy to clean, and comfy.

How your carpet is installed is equally important as how it looks and feels. It’s not hard to find carpet installation companies that offer cheaper prices for basic services.

Most people are easily suckered in by these types of low quality carpet installation companies. But there are a few things that you should be aware of when choosing a reputable and experienced carpet installation company.

Choosing a Big Box Retailer?

A large amount of big box retailers will install all of the carpet in your home for a hundred dollars or less. They call this a basic installation, but understand that there is a catch. The word “basic” means that you will get the least amount of service available. Understand that this type of installation won’t fair well because it is done with the cheapest materials available. Also, many of the things that you would normally expect might not be included in a basic installation. For instance, don’t expect to get carpet on the stairs or on split level steps.

Try to stay away from big box retailers. Or, maybe you might want to buy the carpet from them, but use your own professional carpet installers. Understand that your carpet installation might not be as affordable, but at least you know that it will be done correctly. The carpet will last longer, and you won’t have to pay money to repair a subpar installation.

Does Your Chosen Installer Have a License and Insurance?

Make sure that your chosen installer has a license and insurance. This means that he is professional, and that you have liability protection if anything goes wrong with the installation.

Get References

It does not matter what type of reputation a company has. You should always do your own research first. Try to get two or three references. This will tell you if the company does quality work and what to expect. If a carpet installation company cannot provide references, then move on to another company.

Get a Comprehensive Warranty for all Installation Work

The quality of the installation determines how well your carpet looks and how long it lasts. Keep in mind that some manufacturers may not honour the carpet’s warranty if it is installed improperly. It could be patchy in spots and misaligned in the corners. It could also come apart in specific areas.

Make sure that the installation has a warranty. This will provide protection if the installation is done incorrectly. It will also tell you if the installation company stands by its workmanship.

When it is done correctly, a new carpet installation can really make your home look better. The carpet will enhance your home’s decor, but realize that the installation is just as important as how it looks. Unfortunately, if the price sounds too perfect, then move on to the next carpet installation company. When you find the right company, make sure that it is licensed, bonded, provides warranties and has plenty of solid references.